Five Years after Market Launch – Experiences with BSA 96

Marion Schnabel1, Sebastian Klaus2, Andreas Buhr2, Dagmar Schmidtmeier3, Jerry Dutton4

1 Almatis GmbH, Frankfurt,Main/Germany
2 Almatis GmbH, Frankfurt, Main/Germany
3 Almatis GmbH, Ludwigshafen/Germany
4 Stourbridge/Great Britain


Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 87 - 92


In 2011 Almatis introduced a new high alumina sintered aggregate to the market – BSA 96. The idea was to offer a European alternative to other high alumina aggregates – fused, natural or sintered. This paper will present a brief overview of the special characteristics of BSA 96 and describe the experience over the past five years using BSA 96 in various applications such as AMC bricks, high alumina bricks and blast furnace runner castables. Special focus will be on the formation of so-called CAM phases found in sintered castables with BSA 96 as the matrix component together with fine spinel and cement.


alumina sintered aggregates, high alumina bricks, alumina magnesia carbon bricks, monolithics


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