Utilization of Waste Products in Refractory Materials

Lucie Vodová, Karel Lang, Pavel Kovár, Lukáš Tvrdík

P-D Refractories CZ a.s., 679 63 Velké Opatovice/Czech Republic


Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 59 - 66


Over 13 Mt of energy by-products is generated in the Czech Republic every year. Part of them is further applied in the manufacturing of building materials. The article describes experiences with application of the energy by-products for manufacturing of refractory materials in the company P-D Refractories CZ a.s. Alternative materials were used in lightweight insulation fireclay bricks. We can use class F fly ash as a grog and lightening agent for materials with bulk density over 900 kg · m–3 and classification temperature up to 1150 °C. Class C fly ash is being tested in a wide range of the refractory materials. For example, it can be used in fireclay bricks for stoves, acid-resistant fireclay bricks or refractory castables. Utilization of waste products means reducing of a raw material costs and it is also limited their adverse impact on the environment.


energy by-products, class F fly ash, class C fly ash, refractory materials


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