Fiber-Free Ceramic Insulation Foam for Highest Temperatures – a New Generation of HSE-Friendly Refractory Products with Multiple Application Possibilities

Matthias Schumann1, Laurie San-Miguel2

1 Saint-Gobain High Performance Refractories, 69631 Venissieux/France
2 Saint-Gobain CREE, 84035 Cavaillon/France


Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 50 - 58


Whereas in the last decades high-temperature and energy consuming processes were insulated using refractory ceramic fiber or insulating bricks, nowadays, increased efforts to save energy, more sophisticated process, reactor design and geometry as well as tightened regulations concerning the use of refractory ceramic fiber have made it necessary to develop an advanced refractory insulating product. Ceramic refractory foam for high-temperature insulating and potential replacement of ceramic fiber or insulating bricks in a wide range of industrial applications is becoming more and more popular; the recent developments in terms of product properties (insulating capability, chemical composition, thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical) are showing that ceramic refractory foams become a serious alternative to the existing solutions. Furthermore, refractory ceramic foams are usually not containing any fiber and are consequently not considered as harmful for human health – complying with law and company internal health policies. Norfoam® ceramic foam developed by Saint-Gobain can offer a credible and highly efficient insulation alternative to current solutions for temperature above 1200 °C.


ceramic foam, insulating ceramic foam, high-purity ceramic foam, energy saving ceramic, fiber-free insulation ceramic


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