No-Cement Refractory Shotcrete and Gunning Mixes

Hong Peng, Bjørn Myhre

Elkem Silicon Materials, Kristiansand/Norway


Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 94 - 98


This work focuses on the development of microsilica-gel bonded no-cement shotcrete and dry-gunning mixes using two speciality products, SioxX-Flow as deflocculant and SioxX-Set as accelerator. Critical installation properties were first investigated in laboratoryscale, then full-scale shotcreting and dry-gunning trials were carried out by industrial partners. The sprayed panels were cut and used for mechanical and hot-properties evaluations. The results demonstrate that cement-free, shotcreted and dry-gunned microsilica-gel bonded mixes not only exhibit good installation properties and low rebound, but also provide enhanced hot-properties compared to low-cement castables (LCCs).


shotcreting, dry-gunning


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