Improvements in Drying Behaviour and Explosion Resistance of Microsilica-Gel Bonded No-Cement Castables

Hong Peng, Bjørn Myhre

Elkem Silicon Materials, Kristiansand/Norway


Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 61 - 66


Microsilica-gel bonded no-cement refractory castables (NCCs) have drawn lots of interest lately, because of their easier handling, storage and transportation compared to silica-sol NCCs. This paper mainly focuses on dry-out and explosion resistance of microsilica-gel bonded NCCs. The effects on water loss and explosion resistance of microsilica-gel bonded NCCs using different heat-up profiles, sample dimensions and types of drying agents have been studied in detail. The results confirm that the explosion resistance of microsilica-gel bonded NCCs can been further significantly improved by using a specialty drying agent (EMSIL-DRY™); a perfect 400 kg block was produced with no problems using a fast firing program (20–850 °C at a heating rate of 50 °C/h).


drying behaviour, fast heat-up, no-cement castable (NCCs), microsilica-gel bond


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