Thermal Management of Heating Processes – Measuring Heat Transfer Properties

Friedrich Raether, Jens Baber, Holger Friedrich

Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design (HTL), 95448 Bayreuth/Germany


Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 59 - 65


The design of any heating process is based on a careful thermal management of heat transfer. A necessary prerequisite for this thermal management is the precise knowledge of thermal material properties. Need for improvements exist especially at high temperatures, where measurements of quantities like thermal conductivity or specifc heat are diffcult. Special thermooptical devices have been developed to provide these data. Concepts and examples are presented in this report. They are compared to customary measuring methods. Regarding greenhouse gas emissions action is required to develop new heating processes for sustainable production of energy intensive products. This includes furnace construction, high temperature components and process parameters. The measurement of heat transfer properties is an important part of this development.


heat transfer, thermal management, thermo­optical measuring devices


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