Correlation between the Steel Quality and the Mould Fluid Flow Characteristics Induced by the GYRONOZZLE

Georg Krumpel

RHI MAGNESITA, 1120 Wien/Austria


Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 59 - 61


The fluid fow characteristics in the mould have a signifcant impact on the quality of the cast product.The fow in a casting mould is influenced by the geometry of the casting nozzle and by electromagnetic stirring (M-EMS). To improve the quality of the as-cast product, the solidifcation structure shall be characterized by a large central equiaxed zone. This paper summarizes the results describing the mould fow patterns induced by single port nozzles, multiport nozzles and by the GYRONOZZLE, a novel concept for improving the fow conditions in bloom and billet casting. Based on the correlation of the modeling results with data obtained from industrial feld trials regarding the solidifcation structure of the as-cast products it is concluded, that the Gyronozzle increases the effciency of the electromagnetic mould stirring. A mould fow infuenced by the port geometry of the GYRONOZZLE and optimized parameters for the electromagnetic stirring can improve the solidification structure of as-cast products.


continuous casting, nozzle geometry, GYRONOZZLE, electromagnetic mould stirring, mould fow modeling, solidifcation structure


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