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rwf Refractories Suppliers is the International Business Guide for the Refractory Industry. As a comprehensive directory of products and services for the Refractory Industry it provides an overview of the suppliers market. Clearly arranged in headed sections (raw materials, additives, plant and machine suppliers, etc) it provides an answer to the question „Who supplies what in Refractories?“

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Bahnhofstraße 16

67304 Eisenberg


Phone +49 (0)6351-409-0

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REFKO Feuerfest GmbH


56235 Ransbach-Baumbach


Phone +49 (0) 2623 2075

Fax +49 (0) 2623 1738

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REFKO was founded in 1983 and during the last 30 years we have established ourselves as an innovative, competitive and internationally recognized company in the refractories industry.

REFKO is a privately managed and family owned, medium-sized company. By listening to the wishes and needs of our customers and quickly responding to these we develop and provide customized solutions for their requirements.
Based in Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany we now operate on a global basis with international business partners for production, sales and service in Europe, USA, South America, Russia and Asia.

Our first principal is to satisfy our customers with high quality refractory materials which can be handled without problems allowing them total confidence in our products. We aim to supply products which will permit our customers an increase in the quality of their end products and processes, improving operating reliability and, last but not least, reducing their manufacturing costs. Our commitment to these efforts are underlined  by our  adoption and implementation  of a successful quality management system formally accredited and certified to DIN ISO 9001 and the TÜV audit (Technical Inspection Authority).

The Refko product range covers all types of monolithic refractories as well as prefabricated refractory shapes.

Amongst the notable highlights of our range are:

  • The SUPERGUN series of low cement gunning materials;  combining the recognized  properties of LCC vibration castables  with the ease and convenience  of dry gunning installation
  • Spinel containing and spinel forming vibration and self-flowing castables for the monolithic working lining of steel casting ladles
  • The  CAST GUN series of high quality Shotcrete materials
  • Fused silica based materials for both gunning and casting
  • High SiC content materials   for casting, gunning, patching and mortars
  • The ZSI series  of concretes and pre-shaped products for plants with a high consumption of alternative fuels
  • Insulating castables, gunning materials and pre-shaped blocks based on ultra lightweight micro-porous raw materials
  • ALUMAX materials with special anti-wetting ingredients which are approved by the ALCAN test for the aluminium industry
  • ZSI-HS-F pre-shaped high wear resistant materials with intelligent anchoring and individual exchangeability to reduce maintenance time and costs

In recent years as a direct response to our customers requirements REFKO has increasingly engaged in the engineering, construction and management of full refractory lining turnkey installations.

Whilst traditionally our principal customers have been within  the iron  steel  and foundry industries for  several years we have also offered innovative solutions for the aluminium, non-ferrous metals and glass producers.

By applying our knowledge and expertise in refractory technology we have recently experienced a considerable increase in activities for customers who have to manage serious refractory problems caused by charging secondary fuels, e. g. the cement industry, waste incineration plants and biomass furnaces. For these applications we provide state of the art refractory products and construction concepts.

Our supreme discipline is the target research of requirements of our clients and to improve the given situation.



Via Silvio Pellico 24

24040 Stezzano (BG)


Phone 0039 035 593333

Fax 0039 035 4540262

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Xiamen, China