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rwf Refractories Suppliers is the International Business Guide for the Refractory Industry. As a comprehensive directory of products and services for the Refractory Industry it provides an overview of the suppliers market. Clearly arranged in headed sections (raw materials, additives, plant and machine suppliers, etc) it provides an answer to the question „Who supplies what in Refractories?“

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Etex Building Performance GmbH

Promat Industry

Scheifenkamp 16

40878 Ratingen


Phone +49 (0) 2102-493-0

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Promat is the leading reference in the manufacture and supply of thermal and acoustic insulation, and pas­sive fire protection products. Our market leadership is based on our engineering competence, uniquely broad range of proven products and systems, and full service at every stage of your project. Our aim is to reach an efficient insulation of permanent heat sources such as furnaces in the heavy industry, tunnel kilns for the production of porcelain or drying plants for automobile paint lines. Our products and complete systems are suitable for application temperatures up to 1800°C.

For 60 years Promat has been synonymous with quality and reliability, offering sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimise processes and reduce the loss of space and energy.

As part of Etex Industry, a division of the Belgian Indus­trial group Etex, we are proud to supply the majority of leading equipment manufacturers in all business segments we service.