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IMFORMED Forum on Raw Materials

The XII European Congress of Refractory Raw Materials, Machinery and Installation will be held at the Meliá Lebreros, Seville/ES, 13–14 March 2024. Co-organised by ANFRE, Spain (National Association of Manufacturers of Refractories, Materials and Related Services) and IMFORMED, this will be a stimulating conference focusing on key aspects of the refractory raw materials industry and enabling an excellent networking platform.

Once again the forum will bring together an expert panel of speakers to cover the key aspects of the refractory raw materials industry. Confirmed speakers are:

• Andalusite supply and demand for refractories, Vincent Couty, Imerys/FR

• Silicon carbide solutions for refractory applications, J. Andres Pavony, Fiven ASA/DE

• Graphite from Madagascar, Richard Song, Etablissements Gallois SA, Madagascar

• Magnesia supply overview, Alison Saxby, Project Blue/GB

• ECO-TAB® alumina refractory aggregate for steel ladle lining, Sebastian Klaus, Almatis GmbH/DE

• Developing sustainable cement-free magnesia castables, Ingrid Mikanonic, Elkem Iberia/ES

• Circular economy: demolishing used furnaces and recycling of refractories, Werner Odreitz, CEO, REF Minerals GmbH/DE

• Recycling of refractories: Nice to do or a need to have? Circular Economy and the European Green Deal, Franz Maier, MSM-Maier Solution Mining/AT • Status and outlook for mineral logistics, Robert van Muiden, RoBuLog – Rotterdam Bulk Logistics/NL


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