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Alfred W. Allen Award 2018

The Award of the American Ceramic Society “Alfred W. Allen Award 2018” was presented on 28 March 2019 in St Louis/US to Prof. Jacques Poirier, Polytech. Orleans/FR, together with Associate Prof. Emmanuel de Bilbao, IUT Mechanical Engineering – University of Orleans for the best article published in 2017–2018.


Bauxite Refractory Market

The “Global Bauxite Refractory Market Outlook 2018–2025” report is designed by detailed investigation procedure to collect all the necessary data on the global bauxite refractory market.

France/The Netherlands

TIMAB MAGNESIUM and NEDMAG Announced Strategic Partnership for Marine Gas Scrubber Systems

In March 2019, the magnesium producers TIMAB MAGNESIUM/FR and NEDMAG/NL have announced a strategic partnership for development and commercialization of magnesium hydroxide in marine gas scrubber systems.


JSW – DITH: “Partnering for Growth”

JSW Steel Limited, flagship company of the JSW Group (JSW/IN), and Duferco International Trading Holding S.A. (DITH/CH) have again aligned their strategic goals in a landmark USD 700 million 5-year Advance Payment and Supply Agreement (APSA) executed end of February 2019.


2018 Full Year Results RHI Magnesita

RHI Magnesita gave end of March its 2018 full year results for the year ended 31 December 2018.


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D. A. Jarvis

Refractories for Non-Ferrous Metals

Principal non-ferrous metals
Principal non-ferrous metals

Although the combined needs of the global iron and steel industry still continue to dominate the market, the cement and glass industries refractories requirements are also increasing, and although the needs of the non-ferrous industries are relatively small in comparison, they can still provide a valuable niche market for refractories producers, looking for regular repeat business across a wide range of refrac tories materials and product types.

Gunning Manipulators for the Hot Repair

Mobile lance trolley for ladle gunning

For many years, the gunning procedure is used for the repair of refractory linings. In combination with a gunning manipulator furnaces, ladles or RH­degasser legs can be repaired in hot condition. The advan­tages of the hot repair are: higher gunning rates giving shorter repair times, higher quality of application, less physical strain on operators, and lower risk of accidents. Via integrated TV cameras, the gunning repair can be performed from the operator pulpit, and the gunning can be recorded for quality control.

Refratechnik Strengthens Involvement in China with JV in the Raw Material Sector

Refratechnik is a globally positioned group of companies and employs 1500 people at 25 sites. Dr Rainer Gaebel (RG), Managing Director at Refratechnik Holding for sales as well as research and development, was happy to explain the company’s growth strategy and the measures necessary in this context.

CEMBUREAU: A Clean Planet for All

CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, supports the Euro-pean Commission in its efforts to meet the Paris Agreement object-ives. The European cement industry shares the vision for a carbon neutral Europe. This ambition will require a joint stakeholder action across the European value chains to step up the EU’s efforts.

Glass Industry Refractories and their Increasing Role in Energy Conservation

Current analyst’s forecasts for global glass production in 2020 is for up to 120 Mt of end product with a value approaching USD 90 billion. These same estimates also indicate that the overall market size is once again exhibiting small growth. It should be noted however that at the time of preparation of this report stock markets and some major economies around the world were showing signs of some volatility from political as well as economic issues and so these forecasts may not be fully met. The entire population of Great Britain however should be commended as they most definitely appear to be fully committed to do-ing their best to increase glass production and use in its region.