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Cement, Lime

Study on Failure and Refining Effect of Purging Plugs with Different Slits

Due to severe service conditions, the life span of purging plugs is shorter than the lining of ladles, which results in lower production efficiency. To investigate the stress distribution, the...

Gunning Manipulators for the Hot Repair

For many years, the gunning procedure is used for the repair of refractory linings. In combination with a gunning manipulator furnaces, ladles or RH­degasser legs can be repaired in hot...

Development of Soderberg Carbon Electrodes Bonded with a Carbon Nanofibre Reinforced Coal-Tar Pitch

The operation of Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) relies on the use of differ-ent types of carbon electrodes. Most of them are subjected to thermal treatments before use. However, Soderberg electrodes...

Identification of Organic Admixtures in Cement Dry Mix Systems Using MDRS

Organic admixtures for industrial mortars and concretes, such as superplasticizers, retarders, or organic lubricants, are widely used to modify and control the processing properties of hydraulic bonded systems.

The Role of Granulometry and Additives in Optimising the Alumina Matrix in Low Cement Castables

Fine particles play a major role not only in the flowing characteristics of castables but also in the final properties of the castable in application.

No-Cement Refractory Shotcrete and Gunning Mixes

This work focuses on the development of microsilica-gel bonded no-cement shotcrete and dry-gunning mixes using two speciality products, SioxX-Flow as deflocculant and SioxX-Set as accelerator.