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REFRA Prague 2024

The 22nd Conference on Modern Refractory Materials and Key Achievements in High-Temperature Technologies will take place in Prague/CZ from 22–24 May 2024 (Venue: Czech Association of Technical Societies, Novotného lávka 5).

The conference will deal with the following topics:

– Key raw materials: mining, use in ceramics, additives, recycling, strategic deposits, etc.

– Energy aspects of high-temperature processing of products: energy efficiency, environmental aspects, green processing, circular economy.

– Refractory and thermal insulating materials processing – additive manufacturing – machine learning: in metallurgy, glass production, chemical technology, building materials production, waste treatment and biomass applications.

– Corrosion of refractory materials: influence of technology, fuels, aggressive environments.

– Structure of refractory materials and their modification: by nanomaterials, refractories for future challenges, simulation techniques.

– New qualities and grades of refractory materials: innovative trends and challenging quests for properties, zero – carbon grades, etc.


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