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2nd China International Refractory Production and Application Conference

In recent years, China’s refractory industry has made significant progress in product quality and technological innovation in addition to the rapid growth of production, satisfying the insatiable demand of the high temperature industries.
Main topics will cover:
• China and the global steel industry development
• Current situation, innovation and sustainable development of the Chinese refractory industry
• World refractories market: demand and supply analysis
• Refractories international trade and trade frictions
• Refractory raw materials supply and demand and used refractory materials recycling
• Refractories basic research trends
• Unshaped refractories technology development trends
• Nanotechnology and high performance refractories
• Refractories for the steel industry
• Refractories demand for non-ferrous metals, building materials and electric power industries, etc.
The conference aims to connect refractory manufacturers with their consumers and suppliers, promote refractory production and application technology advancement, and strengthen international cooperation.  www.refractorychina.cn

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