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Almatis Opens a New Application Laboratory in India

Customers representing 20 companies joined the Almatis team for lab demonstrations, a plant tour and a technical session conducted by Dr Andreas Buhr, Global Technical Manager for Almatis’ refractory business. Customers were excited to see the capabilities of the new lab which include cutting-edge equipment for castable preparation and testing, vibrating tables for flowability determination, exothermic equipment and climate cabinet for monitoring castable setting, cold crushing strength and cold modulus of rupture testing equipment, as well as high temperature laboratory furnaces. The laboratory was inaugurated in traditional Indian style, first welcoming each of the visiting customers, followed by cutting of the tape and lighting the lamp. The plant tour with the Almatis Operations team was interesting for many visitors and they could see Almatis’ pull system and methodology of operations. Dr Andreas Buhr and the PMD team involved the customers in lab demonstrations, analysing the role and value addition of reactive aluminas and dispersing aluminas in high-end recipes together with actual mixing, workability and flow behaviour of the mixes made with Almatis’ premium aluminas. The customers, also comprised of members from the steel industry, appreciated the initiative taken by Almatis. A senior management personnel from a reputed refractory manufacturer commented, “The program was very well organized and certainly the interaction was rewarding.” This was echoed by the Technical Manager of a monolithic manufacturer “Very nice lab and it was a good experience for us. We feel your lab will be useful for the joint development work.” Almatis’ business activities in India trace back to 1995 when the Falta tabular processing plant was established. Now, at its Falta plant, Almatis Alumina Private Limited processes both tabular alumina and calcined aluminas from Europe. Almatis Alumina Private Ltd. consists of the Falta manufacturing site and the regional office in Kolkata, providing quick response to the rising market demand in India. We offer the full Almatis specialty alumina product portfolio. As part of the global Almatis policy, the Falta site has established a management system in conformity with ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. It is a leading refractory raw material supplier in India. With the addition of the Falta application laboratory, Almatis now operates five similar laboratories throughout the world to provide local service to customers (5/2012).

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