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Aluminium India 2019 to be Held in Bhubaneswar

For the first time, the trade fair will be accompanied by the renowned INCAL Conference. To the tune of 100 exhibitors are expected to feature at ALUMINIUM INDIA 2019. The trade fair covers the complete spec-trum from raw materials through processing to finished products for the user industries.
The 7th Inter­national Conference on Aluminium (INCAL), organised in parallel by the Aluminium Association of India, will come under the heading of “Making Aluminium … Driving Growth and Development”. A total of 800 aluminium experts are expected to attend INCAL 2019 in order to discuss new technologies, business oppor­tunities, downstream perspectives and new aluminium applications.
With the initiative “Make in India”, the Indian government is investing in excess of USD 1 billion in infrastructure projects. This spending also benefits the aluminium industry because demand for this material ­con­tinues rising despite cyclical fluctuations. Ex­perts expect demand for aluminium to rise in double-digits over the coming ten years.
India boasts vast deposits of high-quality bauxite ore that account for almost 5 % of the world’s reserves. Moreover, all Indian primary aluminium producers operate their own power plants, bauxite mines and alumina refineries – assuring them the lowest manufacturing costs of primary aluminium worldwide.

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