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Blue Competence: Glass Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Join in a VDMA Initiative

Blue Competence is primarily a label to aid communication. It is aimed at pooling together the interests, know-how and strengths of German machinery manufacturers and thereby contribute to developing pioneering technology and market leadership worldwide. The label defines criteria that every company joining the initiative must meet. For the first time now under the Blue Competence banner glass machinery manufacturers will be presenting their sustainable solutions for the future at glasstec, the world’s leading glass trade fair held in Düsseldorf from 23–26 October 2012. One topic here will be greater efficiency in glass melt processes. This will be achieved, amongst other things, through batch pre-warming and optimised melt processes, flexible melt aggregates or fully electric melting units. In the field of hollow glass the new technology of hot laser cutting leads to improved edge quality while also saving energy and reducing waste water and grinding sludge. The manufacturers here present innovative production technology to produce new, multifunctional glass or extremely flexible and robust thin glass. In quality control scanning systems that also closely scrutinise laminated sheet and insulating glass for optical defects even during continuous operation increase quality and reduce the number of rejects. Also on show are efficient cleaning and water treatment systems or high-performance cutting and handling systems for flat and solar glass that come equipped with energy-saving drive solutions. Using new recycling techniques it will in future even be possible to recycle solar modules. More information is available under www.bluecompetence.net (05/2012).

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