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Bohai Acquires Majority Stake in TRIMET Automotive

Via a German subsidiary, Bohai Automotive now holds 75 % of the shares in TRIMET Automotive Holding GmbH/DE, which, along with its subsidiary plants in Harzgerode and Sömmerda, manufactures high-quality die-casting components for vehicle construction. The remaining 25 % stake continues to be held by TRIMET Aluminium SE. The merger provides additional opportunities for TRIMET Automotive as a system supplier to the increasingly global operations of automobile manufacturers, thus sustainably strengthening its production sites in Harzgerode and Sömmerda. Bohai Automotive is a trusted partner of automobile manufacturers in key growth markets in Asia, especially China. Already in December 2017, TRIMET and Bohai Automotive signed a binding agreement on Bohai Automotive’s purchase of the majority stake in TRIMET Automotive. The transaction was subject to a number of closing conditions, all of which have since been met. Bohai Automotive is an internationally active automotive supplier based in China. It is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Bohai Automotive is an automotive parts company covering the products of powertrain, chassis systems, interior/exterior and lightweight parts and has more than 3700 employees. TRIMET Automotive supplies all major automobile manufacturers and suppliers with bespoke solutions and light constructional components. More than 1000 employees produce roughly 13 million die-casting components annually at its Harzgerode and Sömmerda plants, including mechatronic parts for next-generation automatic transmissions, structural components, engine blocks, and transmission casings. www.trimet.eu

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