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Bricking Solutions Offers EZ Lift Suspended Platforms

The EZ Lift Suspended Platform provides a safer and more productive alternative to the traditional methods mentioned and used in vertical vessel applications. Crews use electric, manual or hydraulic hoists to move the platform up and down inside vertical vessels, performing maintenance and relining tasks. The platform can move as fast as 11 A·min with Spider SC series electric hoists.
Bricking Solutions manufactures the modular platform structure using high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum, featuring the same strength as steel at a 3rd of the weight. The structure is flexible, with the standard platform reconfigurable to four different sizes to fit vessels from 3,5 m to 6,7 m in diameter. Crews can adjust the size of the platform by up to 1 m while suspended by changing the outer panels, allowing for easy transition between different widths of a vessel. Bricking Solutions also offers custom outer panels to fit an individual vessel’s walls. Crews use mechanical outriggers to maneuver and stabilize the platform, which features a load capacity of 2722 kg.
Bricking Solutions ships the platform on a custom pallet that can be carried by crane or forklift. The platform consists of small modular pieces for easy assembly. Crews can pull components off of the pallet – in order – for platform assembly. Once maintenance is complete, crews can replace each component back onto the pallet – in reverse order – after disassembly, ready for next use and convenient storage. Where scaffolding in many cases can take up to a week to assemble, the EZ Lift Suspended Platform takes less than one day.

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