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China Adds 1 Mt of Alumina Capacity

The National Development and Reform Commission has approved Shanxi Tongde Aluminum Company’s plan to build 1 Mt/a alumina refinery in Baode County in Shanxi province in the north. The plan also includes a power plant and a bauxite mine the ores refined into alumina which is the main material for the production of primary aluminum. China is also the world’s top producer of primary aluminum. The country produced a record 3,143 Mt of alumina in June indicating an annual operational capacity of 37,716 Mt. In the H1 of 2011, alumina production rose 17,8 % on the year to 17,486 Mt. Increased domestic alumina production cut demand for imports which fell 57 % on the year to 1,02 Mt in the H1 of 2011. In June, imports fell to 70000 t almost a tenth of the 674519 t imported in January 2010 (Source: Reuters; 9/2011).

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