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Copper Prices to Remain High in 2012

China’s growth will continue to underpin copper’s performance although it may not be the “market saviour” that it was in 2009.  In the longer term, according to Intierra Resource Intelligence, increased mine supply will temporarily overwhelm the market. This will create a dip in the price of copper from 2014 to 2017 followed by a recovery in the last part of the decade. Production costs will become more of a factor in determining the price of copper and these costs are higher than in the past. At the PDAC 2012 Conference (International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange – Mining Investment Show) to be held on 4–7 March in Toronto/CA, Glen Jones, Intierra’s Executive Director, will present the talk “Copper: Market Dynamics and the Exploration Pipeline” (Source: Intierra Resource Intelligence, 2/2012).

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