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Demand for Specialty Silicas to Reach USD 1,7 billion in 2015

demand will benefit as the economy recovers and growth in manufacturing output resumes, as specialty silicas find considerable use in the production of manufactured goods. Market expansion will be fueled by strong growth in the sizable precipitated silica segment, as well as above-average gains for fumed silica. These and other trends are presented in a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm. Precipitated silica will remain the leading segment of the specialty silica market in both volume and value terms. This silica type is expected to advance roughly in line with the overall market through 2015, promoted by above-average gains in the large rubber sector. In particular, advances will be supported by the growing utilization of precipitated silica in silica-reinforced low rolling-resistance tires, which offer greater fuel efficiency than conventional tires. Specialty Silicas (228 pages) is available for USD 4800 from The Freedonia Group, Inc., www.freedoniagroup.com (05/2011)        

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