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ECREF Organized Another Topical Seminar

This seminar had been arranged for the 12th time by the European Centre for Refractories (ECREF). With this seminar, ECREF is again underlining the importance of this topic for the German and European refractories industry and their user industries. During the seminar, the attendees learned how standardized processes and analyses can be used to evaluate refractory raw materials and products and how the testing methods should be applied. As a measure for quality assurance, testing is essential for the downstream steps in industrial value creation in the production process. As a key technology, refractory products play an important role in industrial production processes. They enable processes to be reliably performed at high temperatures (over 1500 °C) in a controlled manner. In linings for the smelting of metals or fusing of glass, the firing of ceramics or building materials like clay bricks, lime or cement, refractory products are indispensable.

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