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EnerG2 Selects Harper for Furnace System

The system will be utilized for pyrolysis of activated carbon for ultracapacitors. EnerG2, based in Seattle/US is focused exclusively on the development and production of advanced carbons for energy storage devices. Harper’s furnace design enables EnerG2’s requirement of producing very high purity material at temperatures to 1100 °C. Metallic impurities in their material are unacceptable as they could affect charge storage ability. The high temperatures and purity specifications necessitate exacting control of gas particle interactions. As such, Harper engineered the multi-line rotary system with specialty construction materials inclusive of a ceramic lined process area to meet the purity conditions, and balanced the need for a gas tight operation on the nitrogen atmosphere through its proprietary sealing technology. The rotary system will eventually be in use at EnerG2’s new facility in Oregon, the world’s first dedicated to the commercial-scale production of synthetic high-performance carbon electrode material. The facility was made possible by a USD 21,3 million Federal stimulus grant allocated by the US Department of Energy for makers of advanced automotive batteries and energy storage technologies (3/2012).

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