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European Centre for Refractories Comes under New Management

ECREF gGmbH’s mission is the promotion of science and research as well as professional training in refractories technology. “It has always been an honour for me to work to support the companies in the refractories industry,” said Dr Quirmbach. “I shall continue my commitment to our industry through the management of DIFK – Deutsches Institut für Feuerfest und Keramik GmbH and my work as professor at the University of Koblenz.”
The greatest successes of ECREF under Prof. Dr Quirmbach have included the move from Bonn to the new European Refractories Centre in Höhr-Grenzhausen as well as the steady development of the annually held International Colloquium on Refractories (ICR) in Aachen/DE with more than 400 attendees.
Refractory technologies that are only applied in industry lead a shadowy existence for the public. It is then all the more important to promote training and advanced training in this sector with network partners, like the European Refractories Producers Federation PRE and BFZK Bildungs- und Forschungszentrum Keramik e. V. To this end, ECREF gGmbH offers specialist seminars for the refractories industry and their user industries.
Dr Christian Dannert heads the Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e.V. (www.fg-feuerfest.de), a refractories research group, at the European Centre for Refractories in Höhr-Grenzhausen. Andreas Hermann has worked in policy consultation and lobbying at a chamber of commerce and has been Secretary of the Association of the German Refractories Industry Regd. (www.vdffi.de) since 2017.

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