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FLOX Burners Turn Mega

Flameless oxidation – known as FLOX – has already become established in the middle output range between 20–300 kW. Scientists are now working as part of the Mega-FLOX project to expand the output range. This opens up new areas of application. With experimental studies and computer simulations, researchers at WS Wärmeprozesstechnik and the RWTH Aachen have developed methods and instruments which allow burner sizes to be scaled. For the tests, the researchers constructed a FLOX burner in the megawatt range, which they were able to develop to series production level with just a small number of modifications. However, this not only allows large megawatt burners to be developed, but also small burners, for example for microgas turbines.
According to Joachim Wünning, project leader and Managing Director at WS Wärmeprozesstechnik, the decisive advantages are not only the low nitrogen oxide emissions: “The FLOX process is particularly flexible when it comes to the composition of the fuel gas. It is suitable for synthetic gases, residual gases and lean gases. That’s why the burners also offer advantages with applications where there are no nitrogen oxide problems at all, such as in places where convention burners fail to function perfectly.” This opens up countless application opportunities. Until now, FLOX burners have been used in many industrial processes, mainly in the area of the thermal treatment of metals, such as in annealing, hardening or heat-treatment equipment. With a higher output in the megawatt range, FLOX burners also have a good chance of being used in reformers in the chemical industry, or in large heating and processing furnaces. With power-to-gas plants, FLOX burners are also suited to utilising lean gases which otherwise would not be used.

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