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Global High-Performance Insulation Materials Market 2015 – Trends and Forecasts to 2020

High-performance insulation materials are used in several applications to prevent heat loss, energy consumption, and therefore pave the way to reduce green-house gas emissions.The market for high-performance insulation materials is estimated to grow on account of their outstanding physical properties and increasing need for advanced insulation materials for energy savings in several applications such as oil and gas, construction, automotive, and industrial among others. High production costs, relatively low degree of commercialization, and high investment and R+D-costs are expected to be the restraining factors for the market. Region-wise, North America is leading the high-performance insulation materials market. Growth in North America is led by the rising demand from oil and gas and construction applications due to increased insulation and energy saving concerns in the region. Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the second largest market for high-performance insulation materials due to the region’s favourable prospects; several companies are expanding their production capacity in Asian countries to benefit from the low-cost structures and growing local demand for advanced insulation materials in various applications. The report analyses the high-performance insulation materials market trends and forecasts till 2020. The market size has been provided in terms of market volume (kilotons) and value (USD million). The report also identifies prominent players and provides analysis for each player in terms of company overview, financials, product portfolio, recent developments, and company strategy.

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