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Heat Recovery Coke Making Plant from ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp Uhde and the representatives of the Mongolian Government signed two Memoranda of Understanding relating to the development, engineering and construction of both a coal-to-liquids plant and a heat recovery coke making plant. Feasibility studies for the two projects had already been prepared at an earlier date. The result of the coal-to-liquids study was presented at the Mongolian CTG Project Conference in Ulan Bator in June 2008, and the heat recovery coke making plant study based on ThyssenKrupp Uhde’s proprietary heat recovery coking technology was presented in December 2011. At the same time as the Memoranda, ThyssenKrupp Uhde also signed a licensing agreement with the Ulan Bator-based company Industrial Corporation of Mongolia for use of ThyssenKrupp’s proprietary PRENFLO® coal gasification technology. ThyssenKrupp Uhde is a global leader in coal gasification with over 70 years experience in the field. Since the company was founded in 1921, ThyssenKrupp Uhde has built more than 2000 plants (4/2012).

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