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Horizon 2020 – DREAM Project

The project has been funded by the European Community with EUR 5 million and during the next three years is aimed at the development, construction and validation of technologies to meet a significant reduction in energy consumption and pollutant emissions. The final output will be an innovative kiln to be marketed by SACMI/IT in 2019. The study will focus new engineering technologies for ceramic production kilns: a biofuel-feeding CHP unit; the study of a tool for modelling, simulation and control of the firing parameters; the use of new exchangers to recover waste heat; the setup of coatings and new refractory materials to improve kiln insulation as well as a new device for monitoring and reduction of kilns emissions. Two are the goals that the European Commission is seeking by supporting this project: firstly of all, to produce concrete and measurable improvements in people’s real life: from a 20 % reduction in energetic consumption, to a 20 % operational costs reduction, up to a 30 % emissions reduction. Secondly, these technologies will grant quick payback costs – lower than 3 years – for the end user. The possibility of technological transfer to other and different industrial sectors making a large use of thermal energy will be also carefully evaluated. The eleven partners involved in the project under SACMI`s leading and support of CRIT – Italian company devoted to Technological Innovation are as follows: Rath/DE, world leader in refractory products manufacturing, supported by the Research Institute Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest/DE; Keraben Grupo/ES and Mirage/Atlas Concorde/IT, both leaders in ceramic tiles production; the company Econotherm/GB, specialized in waste heat recycling technology, supported by the research of Brunel University/GB; UNIMORE University of Modena and Reggio Emilia/IT in charge for the numerical and theoretical analysis of the firing process as well as Synesis, a specialized company in manufacturing process innovation.

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