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ICG Committees Met in Italy

First the technical committee (TC) chairs highlighted their successes and research directions; a business session followed to support and guide these activities. Next Steering Committee covered topics ranging from responsible financing to membership changes.CTC has recently re-balanced its TC clusters into: Basics; Applications; Characterization; Glass Production, and Communications. An exciting feature is increased linking between TCs, even across cluster boundaries. Operationally the production cluster is most difficult; commercial and legislative interests are critical so road maps for pre-competitive activities are being developed. Round Robin activities are invaluable and include: Sb leach rates from low Fe glass, analysis of low Fe limestones, fluorine analysis in optical glass, durability at high humidities, As release in pharma ampoules, high purity SiO2, borosilicate glass structure assessment using complementary techniques, edge strength measurement, screening for bioactivity, and an ASTM standard on liquidus temperature measurement in opaque systems. Several TCs study surfaces and optical effects e.g. low emissivity glasses, tin in float glass, glass composition-property relationships, solar radiation control by enhanced UV & IR reflectivity, self cleaning glasses and the optical and electrical characteristics of coated glasses for devices. Other TCs examine the impact of environmental legislation such as REACH and BREF BAT and the high temperature chemistry of gases in glass in relation to seed formation. Three TCs apply modeling to furnaces, glass forming and atomistic simulation; goals are improved reliability and innovative approaches. Further information at: www.icglass.org (2/2012).

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