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Innovation Pressure in the Glass Machinery Manufacturers’ Sector Growing

On top of this there is increasingly keener competition from China. The machine manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom have long since ceased focusing solely on the production of standard machines. In the high-tech segment, too, the Chinese are moving forward their development work intensively. Within the sector this is leading to a considerable intensification of price pressure. The companies are also suffering from the ever shorter development cycles. Product life cycles have dramatically shortened in recent years. In view of the complexity of the tasks at hand and the high level of innovation pressure in many areas of the glass machinery manufacturing sector, the machine manufacturers have long since stopped solely relying on their own strengths and are now seeking a multi-disciplinary dialogue. In order to intensify the cooperation with other companies and research institutes, leading German machine manufacturers are for example actively involved in industrial working groups within the VDMA Forum Glass Technology. R+D topics are new technologies (e.g. texturing of large glass surfaces by laser technology) efficient cutting of construction glass and maximum energy efficiency (4/2012).

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