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IPS Ceramics Succeeds with New Casting Plug Range

The investment casting technique – also known as the lost wax or precision casting process – offers excellent tolerances and surface finish alongside great design flexibility for complex geometries. It is widely used across the advanced engineering scene and is particularly important in supplying a number of industries, including aerospace, defence, power generation, automotive, oil and gas, space exploration, medical/orthopaedics, and jewellery.
Stability, as well as high temperature resistance, is an important element of the investment casting process and IPS casting plugs ensure that pattern assembly vent holes are effectively covered. They are also used as a mechanical means of closing core supports within the assembly.
The casting plugs can be manufactured in different grades of ceramic material. For instance, where a very smooth, clean finish is required, then typically a 95 % alumina material is used (99 % alumina is also available). If this feature is less important, then a corundum/mullite mix may be preferred. Casting plugs are a single-use product, part of the expendable ceramic shell, and so in addition to superior finish and effectiveness in operation, they need to be made available at a competitive cost.

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