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Kerneos Increases its Industrial Footprint in US Norfolk

This expansion will allow Kerneos Inc. to enlarge its industrial footprint with a fusion furnace and extend the local production to all products in the future, complementing the already existing operations, while re-inforcing its service and proximity to American customers. Kerneos Inc. started operations in the 1970‘s and has been supporting its customer base locally ever since. After more a century of existence, Kerneos is considered as a pioneer and an expert in calcium aluminate technology. As a key supplier of specialty binders, Kerneos produces and develops a range of high-tech calcium aluminate binders and additives. Driven by its expertise and innovation sense, Kerneos is active on several markets: building chemistry, refractory, merchants, waste­water, metallurgical fluxes, pipes and mining industries. The company employs more than 1500 people in nearly 20 countries, supporting the development of its customers throughout the world.

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