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KERNEOS S.A. and ELMIN S.A. are Expanding in Greece

S&B Greek bauxite operation commenced in 1934, and has since evolved in the extraction, processing and distribution of high quality bauxite to the metallurgical and con­struction industries for applications such as, alumina and steel production, Portland ce­ment, mineral wool and calcium aluminate cements. Its annual sales volume represents roughly 1 Mt and its reserves stand at several tens of Mt. Following its majority investment in ELMIN in 2012, KERNEOS is bolstering its position as a reference supplier able to satisfy its cus­tomers’ needs in the building chemicals and refractories industries by securing long-­term access to one of the key raw materials required for part of its range of calcium alu­minates. The contemplated merger of ELMIN and EUROPEAN BAUXITES will be undertaken, in the spirit of continuing servicing existing cus­tomers and further developing exports to the metallurgical and constructions industries, while implementing operational synergies. The management teams of KERNEOS, ELMIN and EUROPEAN BAUXITES believe that this new structure will contribute to the long-term sustainable development of Greek bauxite for the benefit its customers, its em­ployees, the local communities and the Greek economy.

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