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Kerneos Shareholder Change

Kerneos’ history, as part of a major industrial group with Lafarge and since 2001 with Materis, stretches over a century. Thanks to the support they offered, Kerneos gradually built up its success and established its identity: a mid-sized company with a strong industrial and social culture, and a world leader in a specialist business, calcium aluminate cement technology with unique properties (including resistance to high temperatures and rapid setting) for use in the formulations of its customers and in particular within the refractories and building chemistry industries. During the last 13 years as part of the Materis Group, Kerneos has been able to expand internationally, into China in particular, to intensify its R&D effort to bring new products to market and to secure its supplies of raw materials through acquisition of a majority stake in Greek bauxite producer Elmin. Kerneos is now a global company with 1300 employees representing over 20 nationalities and operating 11 plants and 20 sales subsidiaries around the world, with annual sales of over EUR 360 million in 100 countries (half in Europe, a quarter in Asia and a quarter in the Americas).

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