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LKAB Minerals Opened Refractory Recycling Centre

Moerdijk’s recycling centre took just over seven months to build and boasts excellent logistics, with direct access to Europe’s waterways as well as road and rail links. The site will house 12 000 m2 operational and storage space dedicated to refractory material storage and processing. Stan Franey, Business Area Manager for Refractory and Foundry commented: “The advancement of this recycling centre is a great opportunity for LKAB Minerals to service our customers with recycled materials in Europe. The site is ideally located for offering short lead times and cost efficient transport routes ensuring our materials are delivered in a timely manner and at a cost advantage to the customer.” The newly opened site utilises mobile sorting technology, enabling reclamation and recycling to take place at or close to the site of origin. The onsite plant has been installed to a high standard and incorporates advanced processing equipment, ensuring we continuously offer consistent quality material from stock. “This is an exciting time for Moerdijk” says Yvonne Dirken, Managing Director at LKAB Minerals B.V. “The development of this world class processing site will ensure we service our customers with quality recycled material as close to virgin material as it can be. We are looking forward to a successful future processing and selling recycled materials to our customers in Europe.” “The continuous push on companies to become more sustainable and find cost efficient alternatives whilst not compromising on performance has led to a shift in demand for recycled refractories” says S. Franey. “ It is our strategy to continue to focus and invest in recycling and refractory processing. We expect to grow our market share in Europe with our proven recycling concept and our continuous collaboration with many international refractory companies”.

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