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Lucideon to Hold Refractories Training for Ceramics Expo Attendees

The training will take place either side of the show days, on 29 April and 2 May 2019 at the Marriott Cleveland Airport Hotel in Cleveland/US. A separate course will run on each day; delegates therefore have the option of attending both or just one day of the course. The first module, R1, will look at refractory materials and application areas, enabling delegates to understand how refractories are made and what determines their properties and how they behave. Material chemistry and physical properties will be covered, as well as the in-service environment and the manufacturing processes of shaped and unshaped components. Understanding refractory properties and links to performance will be covered in R2, the second module. Attending the course will enable delegates to understand the principles of refractory testing and its limitations, and what test information can be used for the selection and prediction of in-service conditions. The importance of material specification data sheets and the information they provide is also included. Jan Theron will be the trainer on both days. J. Theron is the current President of the Institute of Refractories Engineers/GB and has spent his career focusing on how to cost-effectively improve lining quality, from looking at refractory selection and design evaluation to quality control and failure analysis.

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