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Magnezit Commissioned the World´s most Powerful High-temperature Shaft Kiln for Firing Refractories

Before launching the kiln in Satka, annual production capacity of similar kilns of the company Polysius AG, operating in various countries of the world, did not surpass 50 000 t/a. The high–temperature kiln was built within the framework of the biggest investment project of Magnezit Group for increasing the magnesia clinker production volumes up to 130 000 t/a. Novel technological solutions, employed within the framework of the project, correspond to the highest world standards including energy efficiency and environmental safety. The kiln was built during a record time-frame: the foundation pit was delineated by the close of the year 2011 and first metal poles were installed in early 2012. Ignition of the kiln took place on 4 July of the current year. During several days the kiln has been operating in heating mode, temperature and charging volumes increased gradually. At present the kiln reached the targeted technical parameters and switched over into the mode of industrial operation. Magnezit Group is the only producer of dead burnt magnesia clinker on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, which is clinker of a high quality material for production of modern refractories, required by enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and cement industry. Competitive advantage reached after implementation of this project remains for the moment unattainable for other refractory enterprises on the post-soviet territory. After commissioning of the second unique unit – a multi-hearth furnace (Polysius) –, construction of which will be finished in autumn of the current year, Magnezit Group will implement the complete cycle of magnesia clinker production. Total volume of investments into construction of the shaft kiln and multi-hearth furnace surpassed RUB 2,3 billion. This production facility was initiated in 2008 after commissioning of a Maerz high-temperature shaft kiln with an annual productivity of 50 000 t. Technologies of fine grinding and briquetting of magnesia powders were united in one single technological cycle, as well as firing and all this finally allowed to produce material with excellent targeted characteristics. Implementation of the project for increasing the magnesia clinker production volumes will permit Magnezit Group to transfer to the clinker technology up to 70 % of treated raw materials, to considerably expand the range of manufactured novel products, to improve cost-effectiveness of production and productivity of labour. Resources conservation and introduction of advanced technological solutions will permit to preserve mineral wealth for future generations and to reach the highest level of environmental safety of production. The complex of the high-temperature shaft kiln includes the site for grinding with 2 ball mills (Hosokawa Alpina/DE), the site for briquetting with 6 roller presses (Hosokawa Bepex/DE) and the kiln itself. The height of the building for the kiln is 52 m. The working chamber of the kiln is composed of two parts: cylinder one, which is 12,5 m high and has a diameter of 3,6 m, and the conical part, from which ready-made product is discharged. Length of the conical part is 2,5 m. The kiln is equipped with 32 gas burners (Polysius AG). An automated control system of the main technological processes allows to reveal reasons for deviations in operation of technological equipment and completely excludes influence of the so-called human factor. Attendance of technological process is carried out by two highly skilled operators. The kiln operates in continuous run. The maximal possible design temperature of the kiln is 2200 °C, density of briquettes after firing is 3,3 g/cm3 (before firing 2,15 g/cm3). A modern suction cleaning system is installed for dust trapping: four filters in the points of charging and pouring of raw material and two-stage gas-purifying equipment on the main smoke stack, including settling chamber and bag filter of Scheuch GmbH/AT, ensuring trapping of 99,9 % of dust. (8/2013)

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