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Magnezit Group Launches New Line for Fluxes Production

Production facility was organized from zero point and will reach designed capacity in 2013. First pilot batch of unformed refractories of grade PANSLAG P71 (briquetted magnesia flux) of Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant has successfully passed full-scale industrial tests. Production of magnesia fluxes is a new direction of activity of Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant and together with the project for increasing capacities for production of magnesia-carbon bricks it is a part of a large-scale investment strategy of the plant, aimed at diversification of the product range and manufacturing of novel called-for products with high degree of added value. Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant was made part of Magnezit Group structure in early 2012. Construction works for reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the Ukrainian enterprise in the framework of investment program were begun in the 2nd quarter of 2012. Construction of the new subdivision was done with the help of novel technologies of transportation, drying and treatment of raw materials taking into consideration international standards of the integrated management system ISO in the field of environmental protection, quality of manufactured products and labour safety. Worn-out equipment, which was installed at the plant during industrialization of the USSR, was dismantled and new modern equipment was installed on the cleared sites. In the framework of the project, aimed at increasing capacities for production of magnesia-carbon bricks, construction of a new dosing line was begun at the plant. Following equipment was installed: weighing car, 30 bunkers, three mixers Eirich/DE, and six dosing units for liquid material. Assembly works of the dosing line equipment is done by specialists of the company-manufacturer. In early April they began commissioning works. New weighing equipment allows to improve quality of preparation of masses for production of magnesia-carbon bricks of multicomponent composition and to optimize the technology of production of novel and existing grades of bricks. In the nearest time it is planned to begin reconstruction of thermal kiln drying chambers, installation of a new system of feeding of drying agent (hot air), introduction of automated system of thermal unit control. It is planned to commission the new production facility in the middle of 2013. Implementation of the project will result in increase of magnesia-carbon refractories production by the year 2016 up to the level of 25 000 t annually. (5/2013)

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