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Magnezit Group Obtained Patents of Russian Federation

The method of repair of pipe of vacuum steel degasser consists in applying of refractory mass onto the repair piece, placing onto it of the hot vacuum degasser with the pipe. For this purpose first a repair piece is produced by way of casting of concrete into the mould, which has an inner cylindrical hole equal to the diameter of the pipe hole in its initial state and the outer diameter by 5-25 mm less than diameter of the worn out lining of the pipe. The invention allows increasing service life of the pipe lining and strength of its inner surface after repair. Method of vacuum degasser pipe repair was tested at the arc-furnace melting shop No. 2 of the JSC Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Integrated Works. Water cooled roof of the furnace has a water cooled panel, created by concentric rows of water cooled pipes, and a central refractory plate. According to the utility model the slanted part of the water cooled panel is made with a bending and is divided into two parts – the outer one and the inner one – in such a way, that the angle of slope of the walls of the inner part of water cooled panel is 60-90º, and thanks to this the central refractory plate is distanced from the level of metal by 300-400 mm. Tightening refractory rings are put onto the central refractory plate. Such a model was tested for the first time during lining of an electric arc furnace with capacity of 110 t at the arc-furnace melting shop No. 2 of the JSC Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Integrated Works. The State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine (Ukrpatent) issued to Magnezit Group a patent for the utility model Tundish for Continuous Casting of Steel. Earlier this development of the company was protected by the patent of RF No. 114627 (issued on April 2012). Specialists of the Technical Department of Magnezit Group upgraded a construction of tundish for continuous casting of steel and developed the most optimal variant of positioning of its separate components. There are several rows of overflow channels in the tundish for continuous casting of steel and there are dams in the collecting and casting areas. In the body of the dams there are gas conducting channel with independent supply of blowing gas. Dams consist of the main body and blowing zone, located in the upper part of the dam and made of porous refractory material. When steel is cast through the suggested tundish, impurities are removed by way of creating a continuous curtain of gas, supplied through the blowing zone of dams. Thanks to this the purity of cast metal is improved, vortex formation and drawing of non-metal impurities into nozzle of the tundish is excluded. Quality of metal is improved. As at 1 January 2013 Magnezit Group is holder of 31 patents for inventions, 8 patents for utility models and 2 trademarks. Another 12 applications for inventions are at the stage of expertise: 7 of them at Rospatent, 2 – at Ukrainian patent service, 2 – at Eurasian Patent Office and 1 application – in China. (1/2013)

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