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Magnezit Group Obtains Ukrainian Patent for Production of Lining of Tundishes

Earlier, in 2011, this technical solution for production of high-quality working lining of tundishes was patented by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (RosPatent) on the territory of Russian Federation. Template is a metal construction with the same profile as the tundish’s one. It has a heating station which delivers heat into the inner space of the template. Template is installed into the tundish in such a way, that the gap between it and the safety lining corresponds to the thickness of working lining of the tundish. Dry refractory mass is filled into the gap between the safety lining and the wall of the template. The refractory material is heated during 1 h through the wall of the template, and then it is cooled and withdrawn. Such a method of tundishes lining is applied with use of dry magnesia masses, produced at the plants of Magnezit Group in Russia and Ukraine. In current year Magnezit Group obtained patents of Russia for 4 inventions, including the patent “Batch for Production of Magnesia-Spinel Bricks” and “Method of Repair of Lining of Vacuum Degasser Branch Pipe”, as well as useful model of “Tundish for Continuous Casting of Steel”. Currently the Group possesses 30 patents for inventions, 5 patents for useful models and 2 trademarks. Two more applications for inventions are at the stage of expertise, 5 of them – at RosPatent, 4 – at the Ukrainian Patent Agency, 2 – at the Eurasian Patent Agency and 1 application – in China. (12/2012)

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