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New Andalusite Source

grade material (58 to 60 % Al2O3, and 0,6 to 0,8 %  Fe2O3) competitive in both price and quality.   Initial response from industrial consumers in north and south America,  Europe, and South Africa, has confirmed the initial preliminary determination that the Peruvian andalusite posseses essentially all of the favorable refractory characteristics of the world’s first quality andalusite.The Peruvian andalusite is favored by • alluvial geologic structures that permit low cost surface mining,  and • it’s favorable nearby location, 20 km distance from  Paita, a major Peruvian seaport.  This western hemisphere refractory andalusite project now enables in-depth refractory research that will bring to light the yet undeveloped world andalusite market and the inherent need for andalusite refractory products, not only in the undeveloped usage and market in Europe and in the virgin western hemisphere, but also in Asia and China, and many other growing industrial regions of the world. With 70 workers, and  an initial first phase production level of 15 000 t/a of a single premium grade, coarse and fine grain (59 to 60 % Al2O3 and 0,6 to 0,8 % Fe2O3) Andalucita is now preparing to advance to the next level of  a yearly  35 000 to 40 000 t/a. Having confirmed that the world’s untapped market potential for andalusite is substantial, Andalucita is  now in the early stages of establishing a research program that will welcome andalusite  user input and collaboration. With enhanced availability, the refractory world will now benefit from this new strategically located source of premium grade refractory andalusite. The world’s refractory industry will now be able to dedicate efforts toward the concerted and collaborative team development of new and improved andalusite-based refractory products. (11/2010)

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