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New Partnership: IBAR and Cofermin

Established in 1942, IBAR produces over 200 000 Mt of shaped and unshaped refractory products per year and is also the largest producer of calcined magnesite in the Americas. IBAR operates a dead burned magnesite plant in Brumado, Province Bahiawith, and has an export capacity of 40 000 Mt/a of DBM 90 %. In addition, IBAR produces 60 000 Mt/a of refractory chamotte for in-house consumption. Through the Cofermin network acting as the extended marketing arm, IBAR plans to provide customers in Europe and elsewhere with a stable, long term and competitive alternative to the traditional sources of dead burned magnesite. Minerals is a member of the industrial minerals marketing specialist Cofermin Group of companies and focuses on the sourcing and distribution of materials such as bauxite, magnesite, fused alumina, graphite andchamotte, traditionally referred to as refractory minerals. The Cofermin Group has been active in the distribution of industrial minerals since 2000 and is well known for its transparent and effective approach to distribution channels and marketing strategies – especially for refractory minerals.

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