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New Prospects for the International Colloquium on Refractories in Aachen

Target for the ECREF as a host is to implement this new form starting with the 60th Colloquium, taking place on 18–19 October 2017, to increase the conference’s attractiveness for the participants and visitors significantly, by focusing more strongly on the interests of the refractory industry as well as of the supplier’s and user’s industries. Moreover, there is the intention to systematically integrate the associated member companies of the VDFFI e.V. in the organisation and performance of the International Colloquium on Refractories. Consequently, it makes sense to deviate from the previously alternating biennial meeting mottos when the following topics shaped the respective events:
• Refractories for metal production, and
• Refractories for non-metallurgical applications. The future biennial shall rather be determined by the following alignments:
• Refractories as a global enabling industry for high-temperature technology, and
• Refractories as a target industry for raw materials, plant engineering and services. The performance of the conference shall continue with the proven components, i.e. the scientific lecture, the industrial exhibition, and the award ceremony of the Gustav Eirich Award to promote the excellence of young scientists. However, these characteristic components shall additionally be enhanced by the exhibitors’ social activities (e. g. receptions etc.), a poster show of scientific contributions and corporate presentations in a separate focus. To better reflect the participants’ wishes and suggestions in the future implementation of the conference, a survey will be carried out during the course of this year‘s event. This survey will be scientifically monitored and evaluated accordingly. The result shall then largely determine the further form of the conference in the coming years, with the aim to present and develop further an active and effective communication platform for the global economy and science for refractory system solutions.

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