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New Refractories of Magnezit Group

The new refractory castable has a complex of physico-chemical properties corresponding to foreign analogs, but more competitive in price. Industrial testing of these products has been successfully carried out at one of the largest steel companies in Russia and confirmed the effectiveness of the latest development.To date, together with specialists of Aliter-Axi Ltd Magnezit Group has developed regulatory and technical documentation for the production of this type of castable mixes for the steel ladle working lining that will be produced under brands MAGALCAST A94.110 and DALCAST AP903 of Magnezit Group. Currently, work is underway to commercialize the production of this castable on the company’s site in Satka, Chelyabinsk region. “The use of refractory castables in the working lining of steel ladles is a modern trend in the iron-and-steel industry, which has significant industrial, technical and economic advantages both in terms of service resource of monolithic castable linings and the ease of installation,“ underlined the Magnezit Group’s Technical Director Lev Axelrod. “But to achieve the desired effect we need a castable having a whole set of specific performance properties, such as high mechanical strength, volume stability over the entire range of operating temperatures (up to 1750 °C), corrosion resistance to thermochemical attack of the metal melt and slag, resistance to cracking at multiple abrupt temperature changes. Until today, there are few domestic high-quality products analogous to such import refractory castables, therefore Russian steel makers used mainly imported refractories, from Europe or China. The latest development of high-quality refractory castables of Magnezit Group is very relevant for today’s Russian steel market with ever growing competition and urgency of solving the problem of import substitution.“ Aliter-Axi Ltd is a project company specializing in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of process equipment operating at high temperatures in various industries. Since its establishment the company has realized more than two hundred projects of complete overhauls, reconstruction, new furnaces construction, furnace units at most refineries of CIS, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Romania.

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