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Nizi International Acquired Keyvest Belgium

Keyvest is a leading manufacturer of silicon powder and silicon carbide powder, and is a marketer of related products. The company is headquartered in Liège/BE and employs 15 people. M. Joly is the founder of Keyvest, as well as Metfield and Intermat, and has a 45 year history of serving primarily the refractory industry and other markets. Keyvest will continue as a separate entity within the Nizi Group, operating under the Keyvest brand and the current management. Nizi Group is expanding into new market segments, and the addition of Keyvest brings improved access to niche markets, and significant competence within the field of processing in general and powders in particular. Nizi International was founded in 1898 in Luxembourg as a company serving the regional customers with pig iron and ferroalloys. The Group has later expanded to become a global player in the trading and distribution of base metals, ferroalloys, and foundry products. Nizi has a global sourcing network and a proven record of long-term contracts.

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