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Nizi International Acquires Miller and Company

Miller is the leading supplier of raw materials to the ferrous foundry industry in North America and employs 61 people, located at three sites. Miller represents a long and proud history of serving the North American foundry market. The business has delivered strong performance and growth, and the current annual revenue is about USD 300 million. Miller will continue as a separate entity within the Nizi Group, trading under the Miller brand, and President John Adcock and CFO Sue Dudek will continue in their current positions. Nizi has for many years served the European foundry market with high purity pig iron, ferroalloys, silicon carbide, recarburizers, briquettes, foundry coke, nodularizers, inoculants and other metallurgical products. Miller is in an almost identical position in the US market. Historically, Nizi’s presence in the US has been sales of ferroalloys, particularly to the steel industry. With the acquisition of Miller, Nizi will double the size of its global foundry business and at the same time improve the North-American market coverage for the ferroalloy business. Established in 1919 as a distributor of pig iron and metallurgical coke in the Midwestern US, Miller has grown into one of the most diversified suppliers of raw materials to the ferrous foundry and steel industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Miller supplies customers with Sorelmetal, CoorsTek ceramic molten metal filters, briquetted alloys, silicon carbide grain, pig iron, nickel, Milco carbon, ferrophosphorous, ferro-alloys, ferrosilicon based inoculants, cored wire, and Cogebi mica. Miller owns one carbon and SiC grain processing plant in Mulga, Alabama and another carbon and SiC processing plant in Seneca, Ilinois which also includes the production of SiC, carbon and alloy briquettes. Nizi International was founded in 1898 in Luxembourg as a company serving the regional customers with pig iron and ferroalloys. It has later expanded to become a growing global player in the trading and distribution of ferroalloys, base metals and foundry products. Nizi International’s head office is in Luxembourg, with field offices in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. It has a turnover of EUR 750 million and 80 employees. In addition, the company maintains a network of exclusive representatives. Since January 2010, Nizi International has been owned by Holta Invest AS which is a privately owned investment company with roots back to the 1800’s and the first Norwegian industrial development. Holta Invest runs an investment company based on financial investments and active industrial developments (3/2012).

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