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Northern Graphite Reports Positive Pilot Plant Test Results

The pilot plant has confirmed the technical viability and operating performance of the company’s process plant design for the production of high purity, large flake graphite. Furthermore, results indicate that 50 % of the graphite concentrate produced will be jumbo size, +48 mesh flake with a very high carbon content averaging 97,7 % graphitic carbon (Cg). This is an exceptional product that will attract a premium price. The pilot plant test was designed, built and operated by SGS Minerals Services (SGS) in Lakefield, Ontario. SGS processed a 130 t bulk sample of graphitic material from the Bissett Creek deposit in the pilot plant and produced five final products which showed consistent flake size distribution and an overall carbon grade averaging 95 % Cg. A 94 % Cg concentrate with a flake size distribution of 80 % greater than +80 mesh is the industry standard premium product and current prices are USD 2500–3000 per tonne. Almost all Bissett Creek production will meet this specification as the final concentrates averaged almost 80 %, +80 mesh at 96,7 % Cg. Significantly, 50 % of the graphite concentrate produced was jumbo size, +48 mesh flake averaging 97,7 % Cg. Pilot plant recoveries ranged from 90,5–94,4 % at concentrate grades of 94,5 % Cg or greater. The company is confident of achieving recoveries of 94 to 95 % in the full scale plant (1/2012).

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