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Orbite Provides Update on HPA Construction

As the company reported on December 2015, a dispute with one of its suppliers resulted in a delay in equipment delivery and installation. Following settlement of the dispute and subsequent delivery of the withheld parts, work on the calcination system installation recommenced early in January 2016. The project is now back on the correct construction sequence and is progressing according to plan, with installation of all major mechanical equipment, including the calciner and decomposer, now completed.
„The list of items to be done prior to full commissioning of our HPA plant has become short and straightforward,“ stated Glenn Kelly, CEO of Orbite. „Although the supplier dispute meant we were not able to commence operations prior to year-end, we are back on track towards completion as per schedule. We are very pleased with how commissioning of the various plant systems is progressing to date, and are confident of successfully completing the final steps prior to commencing commercial production this quarter.“
Orbite Technologies Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company whose innovative and proprietary processes are expected to produce alumina and other high-value products, such as rare earth and rare metal oxides, at one of the lowest costs in the industry, and in a sustainable fashion, using feedstocks that include aluminous clay, kaolin, nepheline, bauxite, red mud, fly ash as well as serpentine residues from chrysotile processing sites. Orbite is currently in the process of commercializing its first HPA Plant in Cap-Chat. The first intellectual property family is patented in Canada, USA, Australia, China, Japan and Russia. The company also operates a state of the art technology development center in Laval, Quebec, where its technologies are developed and validated.

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