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Personnel Changes at Allied Mineral Products

Jon R. Tabor has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He continues his duties as President and assumes the title CEO and President of Allied Mineral Products, Inc.   John S. Halsted has accepted the new role of Corporate Vice President of Affiliated Companies and International Sales. He will work closely with Allied’s affiliate companies in Europe, India, China and Brazil. His primary duties will include development of sales and organizational structures. Paul D. Jamieson has been promoted to Corporate Vice President of Steel and Domestic Foundry. He will be focused on coordinating sales efforts to the US foundry market and the steel industry worldwide. Jim Bade has assumed the new position of Business Vice President, Foundry Administration and Distributor Sales. He will manage distributors in the US to expand Allied’s presence in the US foundry market. Other key duties include administration of sales, oversight of Customer Service, development of contractors, and management of Allied’s related products business. Jim McMinn has been promoted to Business Vice President Domestic Foundry Sales. Jim will assume responsibilities for supporting direct foundry sales efforts in the United States. Jae Wook Park has been promoted to Sales Director, Southeast Asia. He takes over management of the Southeast Asian sales team and will focus on developing opportunities in Allied’s emerging Asian markets. Centino Schreuder has been promoted to Manager of Business Development for Europe and Middle East. He will continue to manage select European countries and expand his role to focus on business development in emerging markets in other parts of Europe and the Middle East. Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is a leading producer of monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes for the foundry, steel, aluminum, copper and zinc metals markets as well as the cement, power, incineration, mineral processing and boiler industries. Allied offers custom lining designs for optimum thermal and mechanical characteristics, leading edge refractory technology and personalized sales and service support. Allied Mineral Products, Inc. has been independently owned and operated since 1961, is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and employs over 500 people worldwide. Primary manufacturing, research and corporate headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio (5/2012).

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